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Sildenafil Citrate is the drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is a malady that affects the sexual capability of a person many a times making him impotent. The problem of erectile dysfunction is a huge one as it demoralizes a man for his insufficiency. It completely racks the self confidence of that person who cannot perform the act of sex. The problem of ED not just affects the man but also the female who is in the relationship with him. The lack of sexual satisfaction achieved can have a great role to play in destroying a relationship. It may go ahead to end a marriage also. Intimacy is something that binds a couple together. It has the ability to make up for a fight that might have occurred last night. This intimacy can never happen if there is lack of sexual intercourse between the couple or lack of sexual abilities. Generic Sildenafil is the drug that effectively works towards erasing this problem of erectile dysfunction once and for all.
Sildenafil treats the chronic problem that has victimized more than 70% of the world population today. The main chemical composition of this medicine is Sildenafil Citrate which enables free blood flow in the penis region. Erectile dysfunction ED is the sexual disorder that happens due to the lack of blood supply in the penis. Sildenafil Citrate works out this difference in by ensuring proper blood circulation in the penis region. It removes the blockages in the arteries of the penis thereby leading to free flow of blood to the main sex organ. Originally developed by the scientists in Great Britain, the product saw the light of the day in terms of being in the market in the 1998 when Pfizer Inc., a US Pharmaceutical company started manufacturing it. This blue diamond shaped pill comes in doses of 25, 50, 100 or 150 milligrams. The patient should consume one pill in a 24-hour period between a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual intercourse. Cost of Sildenafil Citrate.
There are though very less side effects of Sildenafil and even if it occurs, it happens because of under dosage or over dosage. The most common side effect is that of headache, congestion in the nose, impaired vision, photophobia, etc. However, generic versions of Viagra Sildenafil are mostly free of any side effects. There are herbal treatments for ED, however, no other treatment works as good as taking the generic version of Viagra which is supposed to be the most effective way of treating this condition in men. Generic Viagra is as good as its brand product with the same chemical composition but available at a fraction of its price. In this world of inflation, this is most affordable as a lot of money is saved.

For more than twenty years Viagra has been saving sexual lives of millions of men affected by a very frustrating health disorder known as erectile dysfunction. ED is characterized by inability of a man to obtain erection and, consequently, perform a sexual act. Lots of men have to face this problem at certain periods of their lives, but the good news is that a solution to this problem has been found.

Various factors can lead to erectile dysfunction. For example, such health problems as hypertension, heart and vascular diseases, smooth muscles, diabetes, problems with kidneys, liver illnesses often may result in ED. Besides, way of living also plays a tremendous role in a man’s health. Thus men, who abuse alcohol and smoke, are more exposed to the risk of impotence, as alcohol and tobacco can adversely affect the circulation of blood in the penis. Bad psychic atmosphere can also contribute to the development of this disorder, therefore men should avoid stressful situations.

Impotence is a cause of sleepless nights for a huge number of men, because due to this disorder men lose self-respect, feel defective and worthless. They become very concerned about relationships with their partners, as ED disables them to satisfy their partners sexually. Hence if you see that it starts to be problematic for you to obtain and sustain normal erections, it is advisable to seek for medical aid without delay. Fortunately, due to Viagra men can take a sigh of relief because this wonderful remedy enables them to have sexual contacts again.

About twenty years ago FDA approved Viagra as a medicine that can treat ED. Many drug manufactures have started to produce Generic Viagra, i.e. medicine that have the same chemical and medical properties as Viagra, but marketed under other names. Viagra has received recognition from numerous men of different ages all over the globe. The effects of this medicine can be observed in 30-60 minutes after it has been taken and then during 4 hours men can enjoy their sexual activities.

Buying medicine of this kind may be rather embarrassing for most men. Fortunately, today Viagra is available not only in traditional drugstores but also online. Ordering Viagra via the Internet is not only very convenient, but it also can save your money, not to mention your time, as online pharmacies usually offer very attractive discounts and deliver the product that you have ordered right to your doorsteps. So, if you feel uncomfortable about buying Viagra in regular pharmacies, than you may take advantage of online drug stores.

I would like to share my impressions on the use of Viagra. I’m pretty healthy man, I’m 43 years old, 250 lb 6’2 “man. I have no special problems with erectile function . I achieve an erection, but I can not keep it longer than 15 minutes. I went to my doctor, but he advised not to rushing to the taking of medicines, and to try other methods (therapy, visualization). I wasn’t not embarrassed refusal of a doctor in the recipe, and I wasn’t going to seek it elsewhere. All I wanted to know ,whether I can take Viagra.

Now I have been ordering Viagra in online pharmacies for a long time. I’ve been experimenting with different dosages and different manufacturers, and now I can share the experience.

I came to the conclusion that the most suitable dosage for me is dosage of 50 mg. After taking the pill of 25 mg I did not feel the difference, but using 100 mg, I felt sick and headache. . The most cost-effective way is to buy 100 mg tablets and split them.

After the first taking the effect lasted for almost 3 hours and 4 hours later, when my wife woke me up and said she wanted to repeat everything, I was able to resume sexual activity again, and my erection lasted for 30 minutes. As a result, after a single dose of generic Viagra – Sildenafil Citrate 50 mg – I was able to maintain an erection for 7 hours.

However, there are also negative effects: low blood pressure, facial flushing, palpitations, excessive sweating, blurred vision.

I worked outf a perfect plan for taking Sildenafil Citrate 50 mg. I have more dense meal than usual for lunch, then after 2-3 hours I have a meal replacement bar, then I drink energy drink or eat fruit, dinner is easier than usual, half an hour or an hour later I take the pill.

Remember: Viagra works only with sexual stimulation, if you take the drug and will just wait the result, it takes too much time.

Before using Viagra, consult with your doctor, and if you hesitate when buying in pharmacies, you can do it online. Now you can easily solve all your problems with ED.