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Drugs, without which it can not do any man who is older than 40 years, it is drugs, which belong to the group of sexual stimulants. Statistics show that nearly one in four men on the ground after 40 years of suffering from disorders of sexual function, which is called erectile dysfunction. This is a very unpleasant disorder that prevents the appearance of an erection at the time of excitation. The fact that this process depends mainly on the blood supply, which, for some reason is broken. Causes of circulatory disorders, and thus the appearance of impotence are many. In the beginning they are classified into 2 major groups, in order to make it easier to select and then was treated. The first group includes the physiological causes of ED, which are then divided into several subgroups. The second largest group includes the psychological reasons that have nothing to do with the first subgroup and are treated very differently.

The first subgroup, in turn, can be divided into several main. By the potency of physiological disorders include unhealthy lifestyle that includes drinking, smoking, as well as other bad habits that cause breach of vessels, leading to impotence. In such situations should be a comprehensive treatment that includes a buy viagora online and, of course, physical exercise, in order to normalize the blood vessels. Another physiological cause of impotence may be a trauma that leads to mechanical damage to blood vessels or muscles of the penis. In such situations requires, perhaps, surgery or therapy restores.

Another physiological cause of the sexual disorder in which you want to buy cheap viagora online – it could be stress, which a man is constantly experiencing a long period of time. Also, it could be pinched nerve, and so on. There are psychological causes of impotence, which may be associated with an unsuccessful sexual experiences or self-doubt and other complexes. In such cases, if you buy viagora online, it will not solve your problems, because the cause is quite different. Disorders such a plan should be treated immediately by a psychologist, because the problem is right in the head. Most importantly, remember that whatever the problem, it can be solved, no matter by what means. The most important thing is not to be discouraged and do not get depressed, because that way you will make yourself worse. The main thing to believe that everything will be fine and you will see, over time, as you all begin to improve.