Buy Ziprin

Getting it up. It’s easy to do with a flag. It’s easy to do with a kite. It’s apparently quite easy to do with a Boeing 747. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t always work that way for our friend, the penis. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of cleavage or even a gust of wind, but all that matters is The Big Moment. If you can’t perform when it counts the most, you won’t be comforted by anything. Not even by all the flags and kites in the world. If this is a problem you’re having, you’re going to need some help from people who know how to help you. Unfortunately, the makers of Ziprin aren’t those people.

Contained in a bottle that can only be described as suspicious, Ziprin calls itself “the most powerful take-as-needed capsule available today without a prescritpion.” Glaring spelling errors aside, the product also appears to be targeted at consumers who experience erectile dysfunction as a result of diabetes, prostate disease and high blood pressure (though this is only mentioned once in the official description). The product purports to help those with either “full-time or part-time erectile dysfiunction.” Which reminds me: how much does full-time erectile dysfunction pay nowadays?

Apparently $40 for 60 capsules. The product’s official ingredients list is as follows: Arginine, Muira Puama, Guarana, Damiana, Yohimbe, Avena Sativa and Nettles. Nothing special, nothing new. I can’t recommend this one – because it’s the same exact one.