Levitra can Turn Sexual ‘Woe’ to ‘Woo’ for Diabetic People

Diabetes is a chronic disease with which one has to control his eating habit and live with many restrictions. There are main two changes a person experiences after diagnosed of diabetes. First, he has to restrict himself from eating his favorite foods and the amount of food he wishes to eat, second being the problems in his sexual life as he finds it difficult to attain and maintain his penile erection.

Men with diabetes have long been suffering from the problem with erectile dysfunction from mild to severe degree. No ED drug, be it the most popular one, could help the diabetic men in their erectile dysfunction till the time Buy Levitra was introduced. Diabetic men are three times more likely to hit by erectile dysfunction compared to people with other common diseases. But, this problem in diabetic people was never addressed earlier.

Bayer/GSK states in a press conference that 50% of people who are being treated for diabetes, develop erectile dysfunction within 10 years of the diagnosis. This difficult-to- treat erectile condition with diabetes was a reason for depression within the couple. Those who used Viagra for their treatment of ED experienced no change in their erectile quality. The PROVEN (Patient Response with Vardenafil in Sildenafil Non-Responders) trial, evaluated Levitra in men with ED who were previously unresponsive to Viagra. The study result proved that Levitra is able to give strong erection in diabetic men and had least number of occasions of failures.

People with hypertension also suffer from erectile dysfunction as the effect of the medication. It has been also proved that Levitra is very helpful in combating the hypertension medication side-effects on erectile function. Doctors are prescribing Levitra to the people with hypertension because they have found it improving the sexual life of their patients. Levitra works under tough situations, the ability of this ED drug is unquestionable because the main ingredient of Levitra, Vardenafil is more potent compared to Sildenafil and Tadalafil…main ingredients of Viagra and Cialis.

Well, this is a good news for the diabetic patients!! While controlling their appetite, they need no longer control their sexual appetite. As long as Levitra is there, no one can snatch the sexual pleasure out of their lives. The American Diabetes Association in Orlando, Florida have already shown green signal for Levitra treatment in diabetic patients for their ED.

It’s easy getting rid of erectile dysfunction with Viagra even if you have conditions in which other popular ED drugs have failed. Another plus point is, Levitra has fewer side effects as compared to Viagra and Cialis and moreover, there is not a single report of vision problem has been filed against Levitra. So, love Levitra…if you love your life…its too precious!