Vigor-Max Overview
Vigor-Max is a Canadian made product that promises to have a beneficial effect on men’s sexual performance . improving the blood flow, stamina and libido. The manufacturer, Platinum Naturals, features the brand on their official corporate website which, while professional and well-designed, only shows limited information about the product. Vigor-Max is not sold through the site but is available in independent retail stores and a store locator is provided by the manufacturer. All company contact details are provided in addition to a general FAQ section and corporate background information.

Vigor-Max is an affordable brand of male enhancement product, costing $26.99 for a one month supply. There is no money back guarantee shown for the brand although individual retailers would have their own returns policy.

Vigor-Max Product Description
The product label for Vigor-Max is shown and all the individual amounts are listed. The formula uses two substances, Tribulus and Avena Sativa that help support levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone that can decrease with age. The formula also uses Ginseng to help widen blood vessels for improved blood flow, Damiana to support energy and fight fatigue and Eurycoma Longifolia to improve virility. While Vigor-Max is primarily made for men, it can also be used by women to help support their sexual desire and response.

Vigor-Max is taken daily, allowing for the formula’s potency to build up over time, although it is said that most men experience results within 5-7 days.

Good About Vigor-Max
Platinum Naturals is a reputable company
Vigor-Max is affordable
The product’s ingredients are listed
Vigor-Max can be used by women
It is available in retail stores
Bad About Vigor-Max
There is no money back guarantee
No scientific proof is shown
Vigor-Max does not contain L-Arginine
There are no customer reviews
Vigor-Max the Bottom Line
Despite the fact that Vigor-Max has no money back guarantee, it does appear to be a genuine, reputable brand. Rather than provide a treatment for erectile dysfunction or loss of libido, Vigor-Max should be viewed as a good daily supplement that helps support and maintain hormone levels as they decrease with age.

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