On the other hand, customers have not shared anything about the medicine, which is a point of concern. As the customer reviews are not available, the medicine cannot be recommended to anyone. The medicine has a lot of risk involved as it does not have any evidences whether it is effective or not.
How to Use

Virecta 100mg

Virecta is medication for erectile dysfunction. The generic medicine is specifically prepared to treat male impotence because of the increased demand from across the world, particularly from the western countries. The reason being high cholesterol, excessive consumption of unhygienic food and beverages, low calorie consumption from the body and many other reasons. As these issues effect circulation of blood due to blood thickening and blockage in some parts of the body, the problem could easily occur in the reproductive system.

The purpose of ED tablets is to remove any hindrance in the penis through vessel relaxation and supplying the blood to the penis to its full capacity. The erectile tissue in penis receives blood, allowing the penis to respond quickly to any sexual stimulation. As the blood flows smoothly throughout the body, the person feels psychologically relax and satisfied.

Virecta contains Sildenafil Citrate, which affects the vessels to increase the flow of blood in penis. The process is complicated, discussed below.
There is an enzyme in Sildenafil Citrate, called cGMP. It dilates the blood and increases its flow in the penis. But before cGMP starts to work, sildenafil citrate spreads nitrates in vessels and relaxes them to remove any obstacle in the flow of blood.
As the blood flows through the vessels smoothly, the erectile tissue in the penis gets filled up, making the penis react to any sexual stimulation. The penis gets maximum erection and hardness and the effects lasts until the person achieves his sexual desire.
As soon as the person stops, the erection diminishes, and the penis comes to its natural form. This happens because of PDE5 that cause blockage in blood flow and helps erection to vanish. The effect of the medicine lasts for at least four hours.

Virecta pills should be taken with empty stomach. It should be taken with water, at least one hour prior to have sex. The erection starts almost 20 to 30 minutes after swallowing the medicine.
Side Effects

There are certain major and minor effects of this medicine as well.
Some of the major side effects include urine infection, urine bleeding, bleeding from nose and abnormal heart rate. These issues normally occur when the person is on nitrate medication, or heart medication. If these symptoms occur, immediate medical attention must be sought.
Some of the minor side effects of Virecta include indigestion, nasal congestion, headache, pain and dizziness. These side effects are normal and there is no need to get any medical attention.