Vivanza 10 mg

It takes a man thirty seconds to get aroused, but his partner in this respect is of quite different opinion. Total “Eleven Minutes”? According to the writer Paulo Coelho, author of the book with this title, that is how much the average intercourse lasts. American sexologists specify: 7-13 minutes for everything about everything, including the foreplay – this is the norm. but what to do when it becomes difficult to make your body get aroused? In this case, get acquainted with the new friend of yours – Vivanza 10 mg.

But if so, why would anyone come from women’s increased expectations and statements like “I want you to pat me all night”? This problem is as old as the hills. “The prelude must last at least half an hour!” – Instruct their audiences women’s magazines. So how many women really need time trying to “swing”? it really doesn’t matter because when you buy Vivanza 10 mg you can do it as much as you want and as long as she wants. Do not hesitate to buy cheap Vivanza 10 mg online.

Despite the fact that we live in an age of high technology, our behavior is still determined by instincts and hormones. The biological problem of men is to find as many healthy women and help them to conceive offspring. Fast excitation and short time it takes a man to the act and discharge (according to the American sexologists, the entire process – from the “cold” start to orgasm – the average male takes about two and a half minutes) is dictated by the safety. Roughly speaking, while you’re busy with continuation of the race, you are vulnerable – to predators, enemies, etc. Therefore, the reproduction process should be short.

For women it’s different. Their biological task is to conceive healthy children, and thus provide themselves and their children safe conditions for survival. By the way, cheap Vivanza 10 mg doesn’t influence your ability to make children.

Pregnancy lasts nine months, breast-feeding – even that long, and all this time a woman is physically vulnerable – hence, it needs a partner who takes care of her and the baby. Slow excitation gives her a chance to better “see” a partner, but at the level of bodily sensations of the body receives additional signals – she likes a man is physically or not. There is evidence that the discomfort experienced by women in intimate contact with the opposite sex (not like the smell, the touch annoying), talking about do not match the data necessary for conception of healthy offspring. So, a prelude to sexual intercourse – is something of a consensus between a man and woman, each of which solves its biological task.